tirsdag 23. mars 2010

Easter coming up!

The electricity provider in the area has hopefully been up at the cabin yesterday, as promised, and connected the main inlet to the fuse cabinet (yes, directly translated from norwegian sikringskap, what do I know:) so hopefully the spagetthi looking mess of extension cables running all over is history now. Just returned from IKEA to buy some lamps (but didn't really find any) and thousand other small things that will hopefully contribute to this easter becoming one of the better ever!

Cabin is of course not 100% completed, but no biggies left, mostly painting (staining) and floorboards and other trimmings, some smaller installations in kitchen and such. But this easter will mainly be vacation now, and although I will prob do some smaller jobs here and there, I will consentrate very hard not to look at the things that needs to be done...I have to admit, I need a vacation now!!

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