tirsdag 23. mars 2010

Easter coming up!

The electricity provider in the area has hopefully been up at the cabin yesterday, as promised, and connected the main inlet to the fuse cabinet (yes, directly translated from norwegian sikringskap, what do I know:) so hopefully the spagetthi looking mess of extension cables running all over is history now. Just returned from IKEA to buy some lamps (but didn't really find any) and thousand other small things that will hopefully contribute to this easter becoming one of the better ever!

Cabin is of course not 100% completed, but no biggies left, mostly painting (staining) and floorboards and other trimmings, some smaller installations in kitchen and such. But this easter will mainly be vacation now, and although I will prob do some smaller jobs here and there, I will consentrate very hard not to look at the things that needs to be done...I have to admit, I need a vacation now!!

søndag 14. mars 2010


All limbs intact, and stairs are up!! Actually took a lot less time than estimated and by lunch saturday it was completed. Had to put it up in sections mounted to the wall as it wasn't room to assemble it on th floor and then lift up. Once again I can highly recommend Nor-Trapp, their service and quality is impecable. The sales guy told me many times that I was more than welcome to call him during the weekend if I had any questions....but it really wasn't needed. It turned out even better looking than anticipated.

Productive weekend all-in-all. Also got a lot of trimmings (lister) painted with 2 coats of paint and mounted in the hallway and bathroom, did all of the remaining tiles in the 2 hallways, mounted some kitchen drawers, pre-cut the remaining panel for the shed and small areas not done upstairs (boy it was nice to get it out of the living rooom!!!) And also cleaned the place up a bit as Easter is closing in on us. Going back up next weekend to put togehter some IKEA beds for the kids upstairs.

Oh, and the plumber was done (miracle, just push a button and the toilet flush!!, and there is water running out of the faucets in both bathrooms and the kitchen!!! Very nice!), but the electrician was unfortunatly not done yet so the water is rather cold. (I actually started thinking on saturday night; wonder how much water I would need to boil to get a hot bath?? Glad I didn't try it out....)

Anyway, yet another good weekend!!

onsdag 10. mars 2010


Got the stairwell done last weekend, including the tiles that will be underneath the stairs in place. So now I am mentally preparing for putting the stairs together this weekend...probably not a whole lot more difficult than building Lego....except that Lego you can easily build alone...not so sure if the same goes for the stairs! Having vivid images in my head involving ropes, support stands, a lot of muscle work (throw in an aching back) and a few words from the kind of glossary you are rarely thaught in school.... If this blog is not updated early next week, can someone please call the Red Cross as I'll probably be lying underneath a stack of parts for the stairs entangled in rope...

Oh, well, have faith! I can do it! Positive thinking could work (if I was more easily swayed :)

AND, high hopes for the electrican AND plumber being done now, so I can celebrate and triumph with the first ever hot bath up there!

Ok back to google now " how to put stairs together"

torsdag 4. mars 2010

Hot shower anyone?

Well, not really ready for a hot shower, but the plumber is working on it as I write, he won't be done until beginning of next week though, but at least this will be our last weekend up there without the luxury of running cold and water in both the bathrooms and the kitchen. Big milestone!!

Oh well, just a short update today, my son is waiting for access to the computer to do his homework.... times are changing. Anyway, both bathrooms got finished last weekend with the last tiles, grout and silicone. The sinks in the 2 bathrooms were assembled and things are starting to look good!!

Going up tomorrow again to start the work of finishing the stairwell and prepare for assemling the stairs the next weekend again. Need to get the tiles on the floor in the hallway in place too... so, all in all, still quite a bit of work left, and yes I am starting to feel it, but at Easter we will at least have a fully functional cabin and then I plan to eat, sleep, go skiing and sledding with the kids and just maybe do some minor work like painting or other small finishing touches....

mandag 22. februar 2010

It all tiles up....

Bit of a rat race now, we definetly want to spend easter at cabin, preferably with all the luxuries that hot running water, working stove, oven, lights etc provide. As the schedule turns out I'll only have 2 more free weekends to go to cabin before easter so it is getting close...

However I did manage to get 80% of the tiles in both bathrooms done this weekend so the upcoming weekend I'll head back up and finish it and get all the grouting done and all corners etc siliconed. Both the electrician and the plumber have been told to start next week, so I better succeed...oh, and I also need to at least start the panelling the two remaining walls up at the attic so the electrian can mount all sockets. Should be ok...phew.

Then focus the 2nd weekend before easter will be tiles in hallway and putting up the stairs so the kids can actually access their bedrroms upstairs...not having 4 kids in our bed!! :)

Will be nice to get power throughout the cabin now, it is a hassle dragging extension cords all over the place, and look forward to have a somewhat more cosy lighting than two 500 watts working lamps illuminating the place like Old Trafford! Not to mention the luxury it will be to eat something else than microwave dinners!!

We are getting there!

Oh and I almost forgot, the chimney guy (who seems to work a couple of hours every week, but still making some weekly progress), had brought in the fireplace we ordered, and it looked really good! Now it only needs to be connected, and of course the chimney should be built higher and through the roof, and not stop halfway through the attic....but 3-4 more weeks and he will probably get there:)

onsdag 17. februar 2010

Project is still going!

Luckily the activity on this blog is not representative for the activity at the cabin the last few weeks. Have actually been up there the last 3 weekends and gotten more done - however a busy everday schedule and a fair share of sickness hasn't allowed much activity here on the blog. The same sickness has also slowed down the progress somewhat at the cabin, at least the first weekend when I was really dragging. Anyway status is:

- Main bathroom got all it's Litex boards up including membrane the first weekend.
- The second bathroom (or really just toilet and sink) got straigthened out with "avrettingsmasse"
- Mounted sink in kitchen so dishes can be done (still have to bring water in canisters though)
- Mounted some doors
- Put tiles on 1 1/2 walls in main bathroom
- Finished panel on last two walls in toilet room and membrane on floor
- Put tiles down around chimney where the fireplace will be (which hopefully is installed by the chimney guy  this week)
- ...and not to forget, rearranged some materials yet again.... (next time (won't be a next time) I build a cabin I'll have someone build a barn on the land just next to where the cabin will be placed, with heating, a shower, kitchen, room to store all materials and tools, and finally a tunnel leading into the cabin.....)

I also got the stairs from Nor-Trapp delivered, and they look fantastic. Haven't installed them yet as I need to finish the tiles in the hallway first, but they look great. Once again I can highly recommend them, service is great.

Main focus now is finishing the bathrooms so the plumber can come and get everything installed and connected. This weekend I hope to finish 90% of the tiles so I can grout them the next weekend. Hopefully then both plumber and electrician will get everything done so the whole bunch of us can spend Easter up there...

onsdag 20. januar 2010

Stairs to heaven

It is dangerous to say too much positive about a vendor before the actual delivery, but after just ordered stairs from Nor-Trapp I have to say I am very pleased with the service so far. We had agreed that I would make the final measurements and take some photos when I was up there last week and e-mail over when I got home. I did on tuesday, and 2 hours later everything had been drawn in 3D, delivery date agreed and order confirmation sent. It actutally got a little cheaper than their first initial offer too. And the prizes are very reasonable I think, considering we are getting it delivered all painted in white with brown stained steps.

The original stairs that are delivered with the cabin (or actually Familiehytta never delivered ours, maybe I mentioned to them at one point that I would find another solution?) is a straight and very steep thing, not very friendly for small kids playing and forgetting all about the laws of gravity. We moved the entrance door all the way to the left in the hallway, moved the "knevegg" at the opening for the stairs further out and got room for stairs that have a 90 degree bend, resulting in 4-5 more steps than the original one. The stairs will still be fairly steep, but at least there will be a sharp bend to slow down anyone falling down:) It will be better looking too, and we didn't have to move any walls to improve the solution.