fredag 14. august 2009

5 hour cabin trip

Julia hadn't been at the cabin plot for quite some time so the friday night ended in yet another 5 hour cabin trip; 2 hours of driving up there, linger around for an hour, and then 2 hours back. But with a brand new car it doesn't really feel that much of an hassle.

Anyway, even though we still feel it is surreal we better wake up very soon and realize that yes, we are just about to get a cabin!! The concrete work was finished the same day as Familihytta delivered first load (actually 4 days ahead of schedule...) and the carpenter will start assembling on monday, next thursday the roof will arrive and soon after the cabin will stand proudly up there waiting for some love and attention from its owners. Exciting indeed. So much has happened in our lives the last 3-4 months that I think neither of us really understand that the dream is actually coming through... The expected downpour of invoices the next couple of weeks will, however, probably take us back to earth and reality will sink in:)

Familiehytta had forgotten to send assembly instructions, but when made aware of this they quickly delivered it to my office the same day. I am really pleased with the service they deliver, and hope for others that they will realize how little it takes to be good.... Before we made our final choice we had sort of decided on another cabin from another vendor, but even though they got 2 e-mails and one phone call more or less saying: hey, we are ready to buy a cabin from you....they never came back to us... Beats me that they can afford running business like that. Credit to Familiehytta!

We are also struggling to find the color we want on the walls, think we will end up with something like the picture of another cabin (but with white window frames) We drove around looking at other cabin and colors, and also knocked on some doors to ask name of color they had chosen. Think they all just thought it was fun to help and get compliments about their own choice of colors:)Unfortunatly no one was present at the pictured cabin so any ideas on what color it might be are welcomed!!

Anyway, we had a nice evening trip up there, catched the sunset at Vegglifjell and made it home just in time for the bed:) Soon I can finally start doing something!! YAY!

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