lørdag 22. august 2009

Topping-up ceremony/Kranselag

In Norway it is (was) an old tradition to throw a party for familiy and all involved in the building process when the roof was completed. I know they have the same thing in England too at least (topping up/topping out cermony). If the builders where happy with the party they would fasten a bush or a wreath on top of the roof (derav Kranselag), if they were not happy they would mount a "filledukke" up there (a nasty scarecrow'ish thing) to show the world you are a cheap bas.... really. Also meant bad luck not to throw the party. Today it is not so common, but to at least contribute some in keeping an old tradtion (and not get a cabin with bad vibes...) we left the builders a bottle of cognac today. Don't have high hopes of seeing a wreath there next weekend, but at least I feel somewhat insured it won't be a filledukke there either... (and I hope they wait with opening the bottle untill their work is done...)

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