søndag 26. juli 2009

Being in love

Building a cabin is like being in love - it makes you do things you in under other circumstances even wouldn't think of. Like driving 2 hours to take 10 pictures before driving 2 hours again to get home... But when the plumber calls you on a friday and tell you he has started work you get curious, barely manage to resist temptation on saturday but lose the battle of interests on sunday - sensible thinking telling you to stay home and get the house organized after Julia and kids moving in, curiosity and feelings directing you into car with a camera in your hand.... So today I had my shortest cabin trip ever, 5 hours all togehther of which 4 was driving. This cabin will leave a huge environmemtal imprint at this rate... sorry, generations to come...

BUT, It was super fun to see that things actually are moving!! The cabin has up to now been just "something that we will do later" and we have been so busy moving in togehter and travelling to apartement in Spain that it was an almost unreal feeling standing there and seeing that "hey, they are building a cabin for us here!!"

In the car on my way up there today I was thinking it was a shame that I couldn't fill the car with stuff to bring up there as long as I was taking the trip anyway. When I got up there I was thinking it was a shame that there were nothing for me to do up there and my fingers started to itch. Ask me 6 months from now if I feel the same... First delivery of cabin due August 17th so guessing that from mid september it will be ready for me and some solid amounts of elbow grease and DIY. FUN!!!

PS: Hope they get the Bob Cat out of there again btw, not sure it will fit in the finished living room...

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