onsdag 25. mars 2009

Party guests...

There are some people you just don’t want to invite to your party...like the people working at www.dinside.no ... On their economy pages you can find a calculator that estimates how much the cabin costs you every day you use it (http://www.dinside.no/13110/hva-koster-hytta-deg) Curious as a cat I had to punch in the numbers and get the verdict. Value of cabin, running expenses and such, divided by number of days you actually use it. I put in 35 days of use annually and that might be on the ambitious side even though it doesn’t sound much. Anyway, according to their killjoy calculator, each day of use will cost us 3000,- kr! Now why would I want to know that?? Hello people!
For those 3000,- multiplied with 35 days we could, with all 4 kids and maybe even the dog, have 20 days in a 5 star hotel in Thailand, including the flights, every year!! Umbrella drinks, snorkeling, lazy day on the beach and cheap massages. But on the other hand:
• skiing conditions there are terrible
• the fishing is a matter of catching the fish before the fish eats you
• I have yet to see a grouse or even moose down there
• We wouldn’t have the pleasure of on more place to shovel snow at in winter
• We wouldn’t get the pleasure of worrying about how the cabin copes through that awful snowstorm
• And shouldn’t the cabin really be painted one more stroke before the fall?
• And when are we ever going to get time for using that sauna?

You can’t put a price on those things! You have to do a whole lot better to discourage us DinSide!! Party killers…

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