fredag 20. mars 2009

I hate to admit it but it took an american girl to show me the dream place to build a cabin. As it turns out she had been spotting this place long before we met, dreaming of one day having a cabin there. I had been dreaming of a cabin for years too, but I had trouble knowing where I wanted it as I couldn't seem to find a spot that was close enough to home while still providing the genuine feeling of being up in the mountains far away from the overcrowded areas with 250 sqm palaces and double heated garages. And anyway it was just a dream for both of us, as our accounts were still waiting for that much wanted transfer from the Lottery.

Well, short story kept short, we met, fell in love, drove up there, looked at each other and said; oh yes!

Only after that did we actually calculate whether we could afford it or not when we moved together. Luckiliy we can (Lottery money still welcome though....). So this summer we will start living togehter and start building our dream cabin:-) Sweet!

So where is this place? Well don't tell too many as it will ruin the great tranquility, but it is in Austbygde, Tinn kommune, Telemark. Just below the tree line and with great access to Hardangervidda.

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  1. What can I say, I got a casual SMS last night while out with the girls "have you seen the website" To which I obviously answered no and to send me a link so I could check it out. And then I get up this morning and find myself all teary-eyed and bubbling over with happiness. What can I say, the cabin is a dream come true...but the man I am building it with--he's the most important dream! And now before I get all gooshy I'll cut this short and try to keep all further commentary to cabin building alone!