torsdag 4. mars 2010

Hot shower anyone?

Well, not really ready for a hot shower, but the plumber is working on it as I write, he won't be done until beginning of next week though, but at least this will be our last weekend up there without the luxury of running cold and water in both the bathrooms and the kitchen. Big milestone!!

Oh well, just a short update today, my son is waiting for access to the computer to do his homework.... times are changing. Anyway, both bathrooms got finished last weekend with the last tiles, grout and silicone. The sinks in the 2 bathrooms were assembled and things are starting to look good!!

Going up tomorrow again to start the work of finishing the stairwell and prepare for assemling the stairs the next weekend again. Need to get the tiles on the floor in the hallway in place too... so, all in all, still quite a bit of work left, and yes I am starting to feel it, but at Easter we will at least have a fully functional cabin and then I plan to eat, sleep, go skiing and sledding with the kids and just maybe do some minor work like painting or other small finishing touches....

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