onsdag 10. mars 2010


Got the stairwell done last weekend, including the tiles that will be underneath the stairs in place. So now I am mentally preparing for putting the stairs together this weekend...probably not a whole lot more difficult than building Lego....except that Lego you can easily build alone...not so sure if the same goes for the stairs! Having vivid images in my head involving ropes, support stands, a lot of muscle work (throw in an aching back) and a few words from the kind of glossary you are rarely thaught in school.... If this blog is not updated early next week, can someone please call the Red Cross as I'll probably be lying underneath a stack of parts for the stairs entangled in rope...

Oh, well, have faith! I can do it! Positive thinking could work (if I was more easily swayed :)

AND, high hopes for the electrican AND plumber being done now, so I can celebrate and triumph with the first ever hot bath up there!

Ok back to google now " how to put stairs together"

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