mandag 4. januar 2010


Normally I am not too excited about the January sale, as I am generally not too excited about sales or shopping in general...but now, a sale is a great thing. The cabin needs furniture for obvious reasons! So this weekend a dinner table, 8 chairs, sofa and 2 mattresses were secured and, with the exception of the sofa which will arrive later, all transported home to the garage awaiting further shipment. Not really a whole lot more we need now as we have some leftover furniture after joining our households in 2009. But I have started to look for a stuffed grouse to have on the living room wall, so if anyone has one to sell let me know. Guess it should be one that I have shot myself, but with the last years outcome after the hunting season I am not taking the chance of waiting…

1 kommentar:

  1. Good Lord I hope that was a joke because I do NOT approve of any dead, stuffed animals hanging from the wall dear!