mandag 18. januar 2010

Another week?

Every weekend I have been up at cabin I have been thinking in the car on my way home; if I only had two more days, I would have gotten "this and that" done.... After just spent a week at cabin I am thinking; if I just had one more week... Guess the cabin would have been more or less done if that was the case. So the status after one week of more or less hard work is:

- Put 640 kg of grout/avrettingsmasse on the heating cables is the two hallways
- Laid the floor in the living room
- Floor in the second bedroom downstairs
- Gotten all the panel in living room up (except where the chimney is going up)
- Recieved and mounted the kitchen cabinets, countertop, most of the doors and some of the drawers/interior
- Put panel all over the sauna
- Installed door to the guest bedroom and the small bathroom
- Stained the floor in guest bedroom
- Completed most of the trimmings in guest bedroom
- Picked up sofa and dinner table with chairs and assembled them

Had some company this time two, the first weekend with friend Karl who helped out with the grout and half of the living room floor. And during the later part of the week my dad came for a couple of days and got the place tidied up and organised a bit again, as well as helping out with kitchen.

The IKEA kitchen arrived the they as they promised and I was a bit worried if they would make it up there as rumours have it that they had some trouble with delivering in same area just before christmas. Luckily they made it all the way up but the driver insisted on trying to back up the driveway which was a bit optimistic on the hilly road, and he ended up just sliding more and more down the road on his attempts before he finally gave up and decided just to carry it the 20 meters up the road and leave everything in the driveway. Convinced them to at least carry the dishwasher and the fridge inside the cabin before they left, still leaving me with the rest of the kitchen, bathroom interior, 4 beds, 8 chest of drawers to carry inside on my own.... My back is still complaining! But really I am just glad the got it as far as they did, and I am very pleased with the (almost) end result after putting it all together.

The only thing I didn't get done as planned was the tiles in the hallways as all the elements for the chimney got delivered and put on the floor on tuesday, while the whole assembly got delayed to this week, really didn't feel like lifting and moving that much more so the tiles will be done on next trip up instead.

Beside the tiles, main focus will now be on th bathrooms as that is really the only thing missing to give the cabin all the qualities we need for all of us to spend time there. And I hope electrician will come and install electricity in all the rooms that are done now, including the kitchen as that will make life a lot easier:)

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  1. Hei

    Blir stadig imponert over tempo du holder på byggingen! Den listen med alt du har gjort på en uke er intet mindre enn fantastisk. Har vært igjennom hele byggeprosessen selv og tror du jobber dobbelt så fort som vi gjorde to personer. Og vi var slitne vi! Er sikker på at når påska kommer så kan du kose deg med familen og skiturer :)

    Ellers setter jeg stor pris på bloggen din. Veldig artig å lese dine noen ganger litt skrå blikk på hyttebygging!

    Lykke til videre!



  2. Takk for hyggelig tilbakemelding:)
    Målet er definitivt å kunne nyte hytta til fulle til påsken, og det bør være innen rekkevidde nå.
    Når jeg bygde huset gikk jeg ned 10 kg, og i går oppdaget jeg at jeg har gått ned 3 kg de siste månedene så bygging er ihvertfall en effektiv (om enn dyr) slankekur. Men siden jeg snarere begynner å bli på den tynne siden blir dette siste byggeprosjekt:)

    Mvh, Jon