mandag 12. oktober 2009

Winter dream

Finally I was back in business after a couple of weeks off the building process. Didn't end up getting quite as much time as I was planning on but still feel some nice progress was made. Main objective now is really to try to decimate the amount of materials that are blocking the first floor area, and that means getting it up on walls and ceilings. Got all the remaining insulation in, and in high time... It was minus 8 degrees celsius outside the first night and not much above zero inside... But as soon as everything was covered the temperature rose to around 15 degrees (Have to small 2 kw heaters) The electrician wasn't quite done with the ceiling on the main floor yet so started up on the attic. Let me tell you; I pity the fool who doesn't have a nail gun! Why on earth didn't I buy one earlier when I built the houses and garages..... Not only is it fun, but work is at least 3 times faster! Did get about 75% done on the upstairs area and quite a lot of materials out of the way from the main floor. Next weekend will be to finish the upstairs and to cover ceiling downstairs with panel. Hopefully this will reduce the pile of materials sufficiently so I can build up some motivation to move it around and make some desperatly needed room for the inner walls. Seeing the attic take shape as it does is really motivating too....actually starting to look like an area you would want to lounge and sleep in:)

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