tirsdag 20. oktober 2009

Lessons learned....

1: It is a lot easier to stop a bleeding tumb with toilet paper, than to stop a leaking nail gun hose.
2: Never, and I repeat never, underestimate the need for beer. Always stock up!
3: Size matters! Putting up ceiling panel having that last centimeter of height makes all the difference when working alone.
4: The professional can be wrong, and the bathroom window was supposed to be further to the left. And the professional will also admit the error with a smile and fix it right away (keeping the customer smiling too...)
5: An insulation knife double nicely as a bread knife.

Just when finishing off the attic I got a nail in my tumb which started bleeding quite bad, so to avoid too much spill on the floor I stressed down the ladder, and in the heat of the moment I dropped the hose for the nail gun on the working lamp. Bad idea!! Now I had two leaks to deal with, the tumb was easy enough, the hose was a different matter. And the gas stations never sell hoses for nail guns on a sunday anymore..... BUT they do sell repair kits for bicycle tyres and tape - plenty of tape! And after using about all of it, and then some, I finally was back in business and the hose happily dealt with 8 bar of air pushing through...

The rest of the story is less exciting (not that the first part is really that exciting either...), but the attic is finished. Half of the ceiling downstairs is done. I have, after pulling a 90 meter long heating cable through the outside water pipe (I now understand why the plumber was so eager to do it together with me....) gotten a water tap inside. The heating cable is inside the water pipe and can be turned on in case the water freezes up, just as a security measure really. Nice to not have to bring canisters with water up every time. I have one oven on, and directed on the tap however to avoid a disaster when the real cold weather sets in..... The plumber has also promised me to put a toilet in one of these days and I made a nice little elevated floor around the toilet outlet that will support it. Of course it will need to be flushed using a bucket of water, but I will feel like a king sitting there and looking out on 86 sqm of building site;)

The electrician also turned up on monday and completed everything that needed to be put in the ceiling area, and it was nice to have some company for a few hours! And the guy who put the cabin up came by to look at a window that seemed to be about 50 centimeters too far to the right and would make it hard to fit the sauna. He admitted a little measuring error and would fix it before I will get back up there (and I really didn't expect anything else either as he has been very nice and professional all the way).

No cabin building next weekend, but weekend after that I will have 3 days and hope to complete all the panels on the ceiling and get most of the inner walls up! Then we are talking cabin!!!

PS: And next time I will remember to bring enough beer!!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Nå begynner jo hytten å ta form. Imponerende mye du har fått gjort helt alene. Det hadde nok ikke vi "amatører" klart. Alltid lettere med 4 hender og 20 tommeltotter.... Vi har også vært borti lekkasjer av begge typene du hadde. Blod stoppes greit med ductape, men med trykkluft må det nok sterkere saker til, ja.
    Øl og cider har vi også alltid rikelig av - så jeg pleier å si at hytta vår er bygget i "fylla" ;)
    Lykke til med neste økt!

  2. Ja takk det begynner å komme seg, har egentlig gått ganske raskt med tanke på at jeg bare har brukt noen helger. Innsatsen begrenser seg noe da jeg har ungene annenhver helg og ingen feriedager igjen... Kommer vel til å invitere med noen kamerater etterhvert, men er redd det blir enda vanskeligere å bergen øl behovet:)