mandag 14. desember 2009

Two short trips for man, big steps for cabin builders....

Had a short trip up last weekend with my oldest offspring and spent most of the time then cutting the panel that will eventually be used in the living room. By cutting it all I could fit it into one of the bedrooms and free up floor space in the living room area.

Also had a trip up this weekend and the electrician was done with all the concealed installation so during saturday afternoon I managed to panel the second bedroom and both hallways. Fun and gratifying work as progress is fast and the results are so evident! Also primed the floors in the hallways and one of the bathrooms, so the electrician will put down the heating cables there this week. Have a total of 600 kgs of "avrettingsmasse" (cement) up there now to pour on top of it next time going up. Need to find nice slate tiles on sale soon too to finish off the floor in the hallways.

The plumber will do his preparations too before christmas so I can put up plates on the walls in the bathrooms soon.

AND today I put in a large IKEA order for delivery second week of January with kitchen and all the appliances, 4 beds, 8 mattresses, 4 chest of drawers and some interior for one of the bathrooms. Needless to say it was a lot of money running out of the account, but still feel we got good value for money...

Plan now is to put the floor in in the living room so it is ready for the kitchen when it arrives. Will be very nice to get a fridge in to keep the beer cold as minus 15 is a bit too much for both my beer and the milk.

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  1. Du står virkelig på :-) Selv om det går unna, blir det vel ikke hyttejul i år.... Ønsker deg og dine en riktig god å fredelig jul!