søndag 7. juni 2009

A man and his chainsaw

This time we actually have some real progress to report, and photos to document it thanks to Julia. I suspect her eagerness to take photos was somewhat motivated by getting off "clearing branches duty", but I was holding a warm chainsaw in my hands, with the combined scent of sawdust and oil so no complaints:)

We went up to the land yesterday to meet our man Lurås and agree on placement of cabin on the plot. Unfortunatly I didn't have any red paint at home to color the stakes, but why settle for red when we can use gold paint spray! Impossible to see on the pictures, but 4 gold painted stakes are now marking the corners of the cabin, let's hope the guy digging have an eye for gold.... Speaking of, according to Lurås the guy doing the digging just had an heart attack, but is appearantly back in the saddle, so hopefully they will start the digging soon...

We also got the area where cabin will be placed cleared for trees, and wood for a couple of months at least secured. The good thing about wood, is that it really gets you warm....many times....phew. Even though her master feels nothing but joy with a chainsaw in his hands, Hera didn't really share the same excitement, and spent most of the time hiding behind Julia or posing for photographs.

The land owner has actually sold 6 plots since Easter so no sign of the financial crisis there. One other Familiehytta cabin is also on order for the same area so that will be nice.

Well, now making ready for Julia and kids moving in awaits...all these properties :-)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Tillater meg å kommentere på norsk :))
    Kjekt å se at dere er godt i gang. Ikke dumt å lokke graverne med gull - da blir det nok fart i sakene. Veldig fin Gordon Setter også. Hører den til familien også?
    Lykke til videre!

  2. Hei! Ja Hera er fast følgesvenn og satser på at det blir mange fine turer med henne rundt hytta i årene som kommer:)